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Our Approach To Litigation

When two parties cannot resolve personal injury issues, we typically first try to negotiate a satisfactory solution. However, our East Providence, Rhode Island, firm understands that litigation, or a lawsuit, may be necessary to produce the best possible outcome for your situation.

Building The Foundation

An important goal in the trial process is to prove liability for the personal injury so our client can receive a suitable damages award. To argue your case successfully, we must build a solid pretrial foundation. We will examine your case from every angle.

We take depositions, or interviews, of all witnesses and anyone else who has information about your case. We collect appropriate documentation to support your claim such as medical records and driving records. We may also conduct background investigations to determine behavior patterns. Our thorough pretrial process helps place us in the best position possible to prove your case in litigation.

Collecting Evidence

We understand that compelling evidence, such as photographs, can help jurors or judges side in your favor. Depending on the scope of your lawsuit, we can collect photos of:

  • Your injuries, especially severe injuries
  • Your vehicle’s damage
  • Faulty road lights, street signs or visibility
  • Defective staircases, wheelchair ramps or other building violations

Our firm, led by Robert M. Brady, Attorney at Law, has more than 40 years of experience providing aggressive representation in and out of court.

Bringing In Experts

Expert testimony can be an asset to your litigation. We can bring in experts to evaluate your case and help determine liability. When trying slip-and-fall litigation, for instance, lawyer Robert M. Brady has used the help of a local weather expert to determine liability for removing ice from a sidewalk. Depending on your unique situation, we can bring in:

  • Accident reconstruction experts
  • Building inspectors
  • Construction experts
  • Medical specialists

Aggressive Trial Support

There aren’t many trial lawyers in Rhode Island. Our firm has a reputation among judges and other attorneys for providing aggressive trial support. This reputation comes from more than 40 years of trying cases in every court in Rhode Island and many in Massachusetts. Place your trust in our experience.

Free Consultation

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