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Slip-And-Fall And Other Premises Liability

Did you slip on an icy sidewalk or trip on a jagged walkway and fall? Did a box fall off a store shelf and hit you on the head? Or were you injured while walking past a construction site?

You should not have to suffer the pain and financial stress of premises liability injuries. Robert M. Brady, Attorney at Law, can help you pursue appropriate compensation for your medical treatment, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Slippery surfaces are perhaps the most common hazard associated with premises liability. Property owners are responsible for ensuring that walking surfaces are clean, dry, level and free of tripping hazards at all times. When such surfaces must be slippery — such as a freshly mopped floor — owners are required to post warnings where they can be easily seen.

Common examples of slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall hazards include:

  • Spills in grocery store aisles and restaurants
  • Mopped floors that are still wet
  • Icy sidewalks and parking lots
  • Uneven pavement
  • Pool and spa areas where water has accumulated on walking surfaces
  • Stairways with missing treads and deteriorating steps
  • Any public space in which objects are left on the floor in the path of walkers

Establishing Liability

Proving liability in premises accidents can be tricky. We must establish that the owner — or someone in charge — of a commercial establishment or private residence had enough notice of the defect that caused your injuries.

For instance, if you slipped on the floor at the grocery store due to a broken jar of mustard, we must prove that store employees knew about the spill and did not clean it up within a reasonable time. Or if you slipped and fell on an icy residential sidewalk, we need to show that the owner of the home knew there would be ice and should have removed it.

Evaluating Injuries

The extent of your injuries has a direct link to the amount of compensation you may be entitled to. We will consider your short- and long-term needs. To ensure that your settlement or award will cover all of your medical needs, we will use medical specialists to fully evaluate your medical condition.

Medical specialists can provide their opinions on the extent of your injuries, the length of time until you are healed and the possibility that your injuries could be permanent. We want you to receive the best possible settlement, not simply the quickest.

Expert Testimony

We often use expert testimony to help prove premises liability. Whether a slip-and-fall or defective design, experts can help your case.

Engineers can do surveys and inspections to determine a violation of building or construction codes. We also have used a local weather specialist to prove that a landlord had enough notice about snow and ice to prevent injuries.

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