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We Help With Filing Wills

A will is a powerful legal tool. It helps set forth an individual’s estate planning desires and wishes. It allows for customized planning of property and assets without interference from state laws or the expense of probate proceedings.

When a person dies without leaving a will, state law dictates how the deceased’s estate will be divided. For instance, according to state law, a surviving spouse would receive only half of the deceased spouse’s personal property.

Our East Providence, Rhode Island, law firm can help ensure that your loved one’s estate planning wishes become reality. We can help you, your family and other heirs receive the bequeathed estate property outlined in someone’s will.

The Filing Process

Has a loved one passed away leaving you with his or her will? If so, do not worry. The process for administering a will can be quite simple.

First, you must file the will in probate court within 90 days. With uncontested wills, Robert M. Brady, Attorney at Law, represents the estate. We take an inventory of the deceased’s debts and assets.

Once our administration is complete, the remaining balance of the estate is divided or distributed according to the instructions in the will.

Is The Will Valid?

Did a new or revised will appear shortly before your loved one’s death? Does the timing of the will seem suspicious? Do you suspect a family member or other heir took advantage of the deceased’s recent medical or mental impairment?

Our lawyers can help you contest, or argue, that the will is not valid. We can challenge a suspect will in court to help ensure that your loved one’s true intentions are satisfied.

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